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Artists and Models

Bringing it Back Home


Clydeside Angels

College Kid Brother

Crofter wearing Miyake

Cut Up


Four Corners Monument

Growing Up

Heads in the Sand

Howling at the Moon

In the Artist's Garden

Island Lovers

Leaving Alba

Loking for a New Life

Lost in the Islands

Man With No Face Motel

Monument Valley Recalled

Night Sky

One Too Many Mornings

Potted head at First Messa


Saying Goodbyes

Sculptor with Likenesses

Skinwalker II

Spirits Drawn Together

Still Life

Tanker Crew - Fairlie

Time Passes Slowly

Yachting Types


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A River Runs Through

I Saw Three Ships Sailing By

Last Catch

Red Sky at Night

Snow Melt

Summer Shower

Summer Visitor

Strangers in a Strange Land

Island Wedding

Francis and Friends

Les Trois Amis

Blue Morning

Hill Crofts

Island Harvest

Looking for a Homeland

Sabbath Morning

Eye of the Storm

Artist's Table


Fish Farm

Island Dawn

Low Tide

Sea Creatures

Spring Tide

Work Horse

Down in the Valley



Heartland 2